Alleged Russian Collusion & Interference Into the 2016 Presidential Election

Subj: Alleged Russian Collusion & Interference Into the 2016 Presidential Election
There are 17 US Intelligence Agencies: CIA FBI NSA DIA NGI NRO CGI BIR FSS OSS CSS IAR ONC CFA DAS MIA SSB. If CIADST is included it would be 18 (However there are 17 distinct budgets for the former). 
Only after HRC lost the election and a concerted effort to refocus attention for the damaging party correspondence & Panetta emails did she begin screaming about the election being stolen. Of course it couldn't have been simply that grass roots America simply said, "No more." And also everyone took the skewed MSM polls tilted toward HRC as gospel.
So now HRC et al are again making talking points that all her loyalists picked up on were these intelligence reports that express the consensus of all 17 intelligence agencies reporting ‘high confidence’ that Russia sought to undermine her campaign. In reality it was only the view of three agencies – the FBI, CIA and NSA. Summary: HRC et al incorrectly claims these reports shows consensus among 17 intelligence agencies.
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper himself appeared in front of Congress and explicitly pushed back on the idea that “17 intelligence agencies agreed,” stating flatly that it was just three.
On March 5, 2017, James Clapper said, in an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that, regarding the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment, their report did not have evidence of collusion.
On May 14, 2017, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Clapper explained more about the state of evidence for or against any collusion, saying he was personally unaware of evidence of collusion but was also unaware of the existence of the formal investigation.
Most, if not all, of this alleged hacking, leaking, disinformation campaign was done during Obama's watch. Of all the insinuations and beliefs the most common adverbs & verbs preceding intelligence thought was the use of; alleged, allegedly, thought to, possibly, believed, as well as the over used word 'consensus.' As in HRC's claim there was a consensus of all 17 US Intelligence Agencies concerning Russia's attempt to supposedly undermine the election. When in actuality there were only three. Surprisingly they are all Democrat loyalists. The timing of this barrage of like talking points and the fact Obama really didn't do anything serious about it is quite telling and significant.
Conclusions at this point:
1) Why didn't Obama take all this supposed pre-election meddling from Russia seriously?
a) Was it because he as well as everyone else believed HRC was a shoe in anyway?
b) If so that would explain why Obama & his half of America decided to make it an issue after they lost the election.
c) Of significant concern is this supposed ability of Russia to hack into US party databases, state voter records & election systems and change the course of elections at will.
I) Didn't we invent the internet? How is it w/17 intelligence agencies and all our supposed counter terrorism computer nerds is this possible?
II) When did this supposedly begin? Where is the evidence? As far as I can tell as long as the Democrats (Obama) were winning it was no big deal.
d) I have read a lot of thoughts from a lot of the intelligence big wigs and again there was very little in the way of definitive s only conjecture.
2) Obama &/or HRC had almost four months to build a substantial case why didn't they?
3) Only after the Democrats lost the election was every angle and perspective scrutinized by the media & politicians. Again only conjecture. We've gone from it's Russia's fault to a conspiracy w/Trump. Again no evidence.
a) After Comey was fired his friend Mueller (a democrat) was assigned as special counsel who in turn is hiring other democrat loyalists. If any thing does exist proving collusion between Trump & Russia they will find it. The fact of the matter remains there is none nor has Trump ever been formally investigated.
I) I believe it should be law that all political correspondence should be available to the public. I've heard a lot about transparency but have not seen it. As a matter of fact what I've witnessed and believe at this time is that it is said but quite the opposite is practiced.
b) One of the big brouhaha's was the hacking into of the DNC data base & specifically Panetta's email. What was forwarded to Wikileaks were these Machiavellian schemes of deception and smoke & mirror plans. Well of course the DNC had a serious pucker-factor & lost their forkin minds! They huddled together real quick & knew they had to refocus the public's attention elsewhere real quick. And so here we are. If the DNC were honest, stratigized above the moral board there would not have been an issue at all. As a matter of fact, if both parties were above board there would be no problem at all with making all political correspondence (National Security Intelligence the exception) truly transparent.  
All input & thoughts are welcome. 

SemperFi bb


Denison Forum on Truth and Culture

Occasionally the conversation of, 'one's life purpose' comes up. Although the entire paragraph is true the first three sentences struck me as a profound, bankable truth. Like Descartes elegant ontological argument* of God's existence the below to is so simply poignant that I will just let it speak to your soul as the Holy Spirit comforted mine.

(I can't indent the entire paragraph of the Denison quote so will highlight the first three sentences then the entire quote).  

God's presence is real, full of love, and completely transformational. It takes what was broken and brings healing. It takes what was lost and guides us to our rightful place in the Father. It satisfies the weary, brings light to the darkness, and pours out the refreshing rain of God's love on the dryest, deepest parts of the soul. Scripture contains story after story of God coming down to meet God's children where they are, and your heavenly Father has the same heart for you as he did them. He longs to make the reality of his presence known to you. He longs to refresh you with his nearness. You were created for encountering God, and you will never be satisfied until you continually live in the experience for which you were created. Allow your desires to be stirred up to encounter the living God this week as we read powerful stories of God's people encountering his manifest presence. May you respond to God's word by seeking out that for which you were made: continual encounter with your heavenly Father.

First 15 devotional - Denison Forum on Truth and Culture - Home

*If the notion of God did not include existence, it would not be supremely perfect, as it would be lacking a perfection. Consequently, the notion of a supremely perfect God who does not exist, Descartes argues, is unintelligible. Therefore, according to his nature, God must exist.


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     In doing so you will help her fight this & future criminals from continuing to harass victims. This is a precedent we cannot allow in the future. YOU can help end this now! 
     In His name, SemperFi bb   

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Legacy or bust #pjnet #ccot #tcot #obama

So what if the climate deal and Iran deal aren’t actual agreements? Obama needs accomplishments.

"You see, visionary thinkers like Obama cannot be bound by normal constitutional strictures. Indeed, the very unpopularity of his most cherished diplomatic goals is proof of their prophetic farsightedness." Krauthammer
I agree real important stuff like the #ClimateChange agenda that is such a high priority it must go in front of  oh, say.... Citizen Safety, trying to fix the state of race in the country he seriously effed up.  Or any of the other 27 scandals. 
President #obama speaks at United Nations Climate Change Conference in France on Nov. 30. (Eric Feferberg/Associated Press)


Ms Carey simply showed her ignorance of the #RuleOfLaw when she whined & cried for being busted for violating her schools dress code

This student wrote an epic response to being called out by a teacher for her within-regulation skirt

And yet another case of the supposedly great and accomplished student who is found publicly pouting over getting busted for violating her schools dress code.

The 1st rule she violated is one of timing. She would probably had a much more sympathetic public 'ear' were she to communicate her loathing of the dress code prior to being busted. For being the great student she is she failed to realize that the #RuleOfLaw & adherence to it is what puts the civil in civilized & civilization. OK Ms Carey now that you have our attention just where should we now redraw the dress code line? Where would you recommend we lower the bar now?

I ask because from my perspective you appear to be a maturing #feminist who is beginning her long & lucrative career on bashing women hating males than as a great student who evidently missed the class on living by example & promoting the characteristics & traits that can make a civil society better. Or is it you see my perspective on #feminism being the issue? According to you it seems that because your a female &  have to be kept in your 'place' you've just realized that your calling is to harass school teachers. Teachers that understand that to teach being a good citizen is by upholding & maintaining the regulations & codes your school district deems appropriate. This is your life's calling? To rail against the, 'man'? This evidently secret society feminists promote in order to form their own tight circles of reverse #sexism? It seems to be or at least thats what I inferred from your lil social rant. Let me be more specific.

I suspect you've become so enchanted with yourself for being student class president, junior marshal & a scholarship recipient, blah, blah, blah that you have somehow come to believe that you are the 'enlightened' one.  The one blessed by faith to explain to all of us un-civil citizens on exactly what the characteristics & traits are that make up being a good citizen. Perhaps. But because you had worn that skirt before & that the evil ones who have infiltrated our teaching corps somehow didnt have time to say anything before but because that day they finally had your number & called you out for what seemed to him as being out of regulation of the most hideous of dress code violations you actually came to realize these events lead you to the most important calling of your life! Your a feminist dad gum-it & it's all so clear to me now! I must stand against these egregious & sexist of regulations: The school districts female dress code!

Like I said, you had a lot better chance if you voiced this OUTRAGE prior to getting busted & evidently your in the right because you are this great model of scholarly attributes you NOW understand all the evil aimed at you is because there are men of a secret society who have dedicated themselves to keeping you in your place.  If he is this sexist math teacher you claim he is why did you wait until this to FINALLY point it out? No I think you were simply a mad pissed of brat who was getting even.

Yeah, good luck with that. Or you could simply admit that although the principal ruled in your favor you were still wrong & most rude for how you handled the incident from then on. You do owe the teacher in question an apology for singling him publicly them out & embarrassed her or him for maintaining those things that make us a civil society.  Trying to uphold standards is actually a characteristic of teachers we want in teachers. Im guessing here as well that you failed to recognize this point despite all your academic achievements. Meditate on what promoted really motivated you, this self-righteous brat to lash out before giving it much thought.  We already know, we just want to know if you actually get it....now.

Master Sergeant Benson, Marine Infantry, 27 years & leader of Marines.
I fought two wars for your right to make an ass out of yourself.


#obama, the hypocrite, tells states they can't refuse #Syrian #refugees or else! #pjnet #ccot #tcot

Obama administration tells states they can't refuse Syrian refugees | Fox News

Three points I would like to make based on obama's assertiveness in ensuring the states 'follow the law.' 

     1. Isnt it queer that obama threatens to use force to enforce the laws that support his agenda (replacing liberal voters lost to abortions), while rewarding those who break the law by not enforcing the laws that would hurt his agenda (the vast majority of immigration laws, & sanctuary cities that openly defy federal law that threaten the lives of American citizens). 

     2. In that obama marches on full speed despite a federal injunction halting all implementation of the Deferred Action on Parents of Americans Act (DAPA). 

     3.  In that obama has painted himself into a corner because his timeline didnt allow for federal injunctions. In order to have the hundreds of thousands of #illegal #immigrants spread load across the country into heavily voting #GOP districts and by states giving them all they need to #vote illegally (Drivers licenses), obama has no other choice than to march on full speed, assuming SCOTUS will overturn the injunction & allow the illegals to vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential elections. 

Because the bottom line on all this #illegal #immigration issue is it's about the votes & nothing but the votes. Democrats do not have a chance of survival playing straight up. In order to survive they feel they are forced to resort to Machiavellian machinations. It is really as simple as that. Some democrats have slipped up and admitted this but as a whole they come no where close to admitting this. Especially the civilian democratic party supporters (e.g. the airy academic elite who regally deny any such connections, to the angry hateful #SJW or social justice warriors who literally live on social media trolling vehement vitriol onto conservatives. Then when they quickly run out of 'talky points' ammo they resort to name calling or sarcastic insults in the hopes of scaring the conservative into conceding. Crazy I know. 

“While the United States has the most generous refugee system in the world, the American people are rightly concerned about admitting Syrian refugees and the impact it would have on the safety of their families and neighbors,” Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement.

"In light of these concerns, the majority of state governors have taken positions that reflect the views of their residents. It’s hypocritical for Obama Administration officials to threaten enforcement action against these states when they refuse to enforce the vast majority of our immigration laws, such as cracking down on sanctuary cities that openly defy federal law and endanger the American people.” Goodlatte, R-Va.


Five myths about white people & how old outdated #liberal lies have been kept alive and why we're losing the fight for our children. #pjnet #ccot #tcot

Five myths about white people - The Washington Post

     As I said and still believe; All the liberal left does is find new angles to keep old 60's arguments alive. #MIZZOU today? #BlackLivesMatter? #NewBlackPanthers? Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton. These are all activists keeping the old 60's arguments alive. Intelligent conservative people (redundant I know) know this and that its all a sham. Liberals & activists always want something, usually in the form of concessions or outright cash & all based on old arguments that simply do not hold water any longer. By the way, thats the natural flow...Intelligent people become conservative unless they are after the almighty dollar in that case they join in full time activists professions. In Martin Luther Kings day the activists were part time who set aside their daily professions to protest the issues of the time. Now they are full time activists. If there is no racism there is no pay. That's the conflict of interest that Jackson & Sharpton capitalized.
     Same with the institutions of higher learning. Its in their best interests to support the liberal majority keeping these old issues alive because they get paid. Liberals attract liberals and it doesnt matter that the only thing a 'study's' degree is good for is to become a full time activist or work for the government, they still get paid for essentially worthless degrees. Face it in the end all education activists really want is a 'no evaluation' education. In essence then these institutions of higher learning have become diploma mills. They still get paid!! They are all for obama raising student loans to unheard of levels because the universities will simply raise their tuition. Its all ludicrous but as long as the protesting youth buy it er'body is really happy.
     Ever wonder where all these African & feminists studies diplomas go for work? Take a visit to your nearest government run bureaucracy and you'll witness why liberals love big government and why government has become so liberal they are 'in your face' arrogant about it.
     Same with womens rights. Except now a days all our kids hear and are told that women are oppressed and from day one they are indoctrinated into the feminist league. So now all these self proclaimed feminists self identify and all their investments are made w/fellow feminists. Sounds a lot like the good ol boy club that we used to hear about. So feminists hire, look for, recruit & recommend only feminists. That's sexism. So what they were against is what they've become. I can hear the, 'tough titty', 'suck it up's', and 'deal with it's' now.  So what about the other half that anyone rarely talks about & when it is just leave it sit and the wind will blow it away. What pray-tell?
     The boys.   Since 1st grade the boys have witnessed the girls being praised & uplifted. They have been told to be content while the girls have been urged on. Girls encouraged to apply for or register for projects, competitions & bees while the boys have been told that cant be boys, or play & have been medicated until more feminine. Year after year this is their life. And NO ONE has a clue why males of every race are dropping out of school at historic rates.
     I did a paper on this very subject while taking MDSK classes for my education certification.  I was skeptical from day one when the Phd candidate who taught the class self identified as a feminist. But because my paper included minority females talking about how we have left our boys behind educationally and the fact that she was doing her thesis on the 'last chance' Charlotte high school where all the 'troubled' students were sent she conceded that she knew all I presented but had never seen it offered from my perspective. I'll give her credit for that.
     Yes there are myths about white people, especially white males and another place you can witness these myths being kept alive is to watch the over the air TV we were all raised on. But because we are all 'privileged' now rarely do any watch open air TV anymore. Today it is digital and there are many more stations than ABC, CBS & NBC. Most of the additional channels cater to different minorities based on their spoken language.  Spanish x's a lot, Asian, and more Spanish which is fine. My point is the 'white' channels. Since most have gone cable most of the English channels are reruns of...you guessed it.... 1970's & earlier. This does a lot to keep these old stereotypes alive as most of these shows ran during or prior to the turbulent civil rights issues of the 60's. So as far as the minorities are concerned, who are raised on open air TV, these stereotypes are kept alive through out the school years, and at any given university.
     These perceptions are alive because whites are scratching their head wondering how these absurdities continue and cannot counter these stereotypes with targeted arguments. Now you know. Stand up and say enough is enough. We have to identify and put on the table the obstacles preventing us from talking about real solutions and there are plenty of obstacles to clear before we can even get to the solutions. In the meantime, liberals are winning because in a way our privilege has kept us from seeing what is really going on.
Hope this helps. SemperFi bb  


Take Our #America Back. Plan A (draft) #pjnet #ccot #tcot #teaparty

Short & sweet, down & dirty;

If the patriot citizens of America stand up next year & vote in a true conservative president & give him a 2/3s majority in both the house & senate we can fix the country in four short years.

Here's how for starters providing of course we stand our ground & allow zero concessions to the illegal amnesty crowd or any other part of the democratic PC ideologies.

1. Raise the number of Justices on the Supreme Court from 9 to 11.
     They must be true Alito, Thomas, Scalia, thorough bred conservatives.

2. Hold & affirm a Convention of States.  When the Supreme Court of five citizens can make up laws that are to be determined by, "We the People, then that court needs a reality check of the significant order.

3. The People through congress must reaffirm the principle of one nation under (Judeo/Christian) God & identify any violent, militant religions as non compatible thus illegal to migrate into US.

4. No Amnesty, but w/out mass deportations. Illegal immigrants are simply that and over time will apply for legal status or be deported upon discovery. No drivers licenses. No anchor babies. Any #illegal convicted of any crime will be deported and be permanently ineligible for citizenship. Any illegal having not applied for citizenship w/in 4 years will be deported upon discovery and will permanently be ineligible for citizenship.

5. A child born to illegals even w/in the boundaries of the US is not a citizen. All legal migrants accepted for citizenship will declare & pass assimilation evaluations, including speaking of the English language.

6.  The Supreme Court will nullify Obergefell v. Hodges by admitting that they overstepped their boundaries. SCOTUS cannot make up new law that is not specifically identified in the US Constitution. That is for the People to decide.

7. Root out judicial activism as illegal.

8. Stop racial discrimination by not discriminating based on race.  No quotas, no affirmative action based on sex or race & outlaw practices that are discriminatory. Feminism is sexist. Affirmative action is racist.

9.   Reign in Federal bureaucracy & size by eliminating: Dept of Education, then IRS, and all departments stationed in and physically located in States. These will be taken over, and reorganized by their new owners.  There will no longer be two separate states vs federal issues. The property & offices w/in a state belong to that state including judicial issues, save military installations.  A citizen cannot be tried in the state system found innocent then retried federally b/c some demographic or political party did not like the outcome.

10. Taxes. One combined state & federal flat tax for all citizens & legal immigrants working in the country @ 10%. If the Lord only asks up to 10% then the country has no right to ask any more.

11. All future spending will be regulated by budget. There will no longer be any non budgeted spending to include emergencies which of course will be budgeted. Most govt services will be outsourced to private contractors.

12. The Veterans Administration will be eliminated. Veterans will use local services & private doctors. All bills will be paid by the govt.

13. Education. States will determine the education parameters for their state. A parent who dislikes the school their child is in may enroll their child(ren) in any school they choose. Transportation will be the responsibility of family and pay any difference required by the 'new'school (e.g. between a public school voucher & any private institutional fees).

14. Welfare will no longer be based on 'per child'guidelines. A citizen will receive a finite amount of aid afterwards they will no longer be eligible.

15. Parents will decide each school year whether the will drive their child or allow the child to take a bus. The éither/or' option will no longer be available.

16. Women in combat. If the People vote to allow women in combat & that they will also be draft eligible. If draft eligible all have to pass current/traditional standards & evaluations w/out 'normalizing'or dumbing down.

17. Term Limits. Like the president no more than 8 years in either house or senate. If elected president the max anyone can serve is 16 years. Standard market set salaries & no outrageous special privileges. Set staff sizes. All govt employees will fly no better than business class unless the difference is paid out of personal earnings.

18.  All federal endowments will be stopped.  No arts, no abortion.

19.  All foreign aid stopped.

20.  The president cannot issue an executive order that contradicts any of the peoples views.

21. Political ideological violence upon the public will be considered most egregious & prosecuted accordingly. Organizing leaders of said violence will be given the strictest penalties upon conviction including loss of citizenship.

22. Add advice & recommendations here: