Five myths about white people & how old outdated #liberal lies have been kept alive and why we're losing the fight for our children. #pjnet #ccot #tcot

Five myths about white people - The Washington Post

     As I said and still believe; All the liberal left does is find new angles to keep old 60's arguments alive. #MIZZOU today? #BlackLivesMatter? #NewBlackPanthers? Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton. These are all activists keeping the old 60's arguments alive. Intelligent conservative people (redundant I know) know this and that its all a sham. Liberals & activists always want something, usually in the form of concessions or outright cash & all based on old arguments that simply do not hold water any longer. By the way, thats the natural flow...Intelligent people become conservative unless they are after the almighty dollar in that case they join in full time activists professions. In Martin Luther Kings day the activists were part time who set aside their daily professions to protest the issues of the time. Now they are full time activists. If there is no racism there is no pay. That's the conflict of interest that Jackson & Sharpton capitalized.
     Same with the institutions of higher learning. Its in their best interests to support the liberal majority keeping these old issues alive because they get paid. Liberals attract liberals and it doesnt matter that the only thing a 'study's' degree is good for is to become a full time activist or work for the government, they still get paid for essentially worthless degrees. Face it in the end all education activists really want is a 'no evaluation' education. In essence then these institutions of higher learning have become diploma mills. They still get paid!! They are all for obama raising student loans to unheard of levels because the universities will simply raise their tuition. Its all ludicrous but as long as the protesting youth buy it er'body is really happy.
     Ever wonder where all these African & feminists studies diplomas go for work? Take a visit to your nearest government run bureaucracy and you'll witness why liberals love big government and why government has become so liberal they are 'in your face' arrogant about it.
     Same with womens rights. Except now a days all our kids hear and are told that women are oppressed and from day one they are indoctrinated into the feminist league. So now all these self proclaimed feminists self identify and all their investments are made w/fellow feminists. Sounds a lot like the good ol boy club that we used to hear about. So feminists hire, look for, recruit & recommend only feminists. That's sexism. So what they were against is what they've become. I can hear the, 'tough titty', 'suck it up's', and 'deal with it's' now.  So what about the other half that anyone rarely talks about & when it is just leave it sit and the wind will blow it away. What pray-tell?
     The boys.   Since 1st grade the boys have witnessed the girls being praised & uplifted. They have been told to be content while the girls have been urged on. Girls encouraged to apply for or register for projects, competitions & bees while the boys have been told that cant be boys, or play & have been medicated until more feminine. Year after year this is their life. And NO ONE has a clue why males of every race are dropping out of school at historic rates.
     I did a paper on this very subject while taking MDSK classes for my education certification.  I was skeptical from day one when the Phd candidate who taught the class self identified as a feminist. But because my paper included minority females talking about how we have left our boys behind educationally and the fact that she was doing her thesis on the 'last chance' Charlotte high school where all the 'troubled' students were sent she conceded that she knew all I presented but had never seen it offered from my perspective. I'll give her credit for that.
     Yes there are myths about white people, especially white males and another place you can witness these myths being kept alive is to watch the over the air TV we were all raised on. But because we are all 'privileged' now rarely do any watch open air TV anymore. Today it is digital and there are many more stations than ABC, CBS & NBC. Most of the additional channels cater to different minorities based on their spoken language.  Spanish x's a lot, Asian, and more Spanish which is fine. My point is the 'white' channels. Since most have gone cable most of the English channels are reruns of...you guessed it.... 1970's & earlier. This does a lot to keep these old stereotypes alive as most of these shows ran during or prior to the turbulent civil rights issues of the 60's. So as far as the minorities are concerned, who are raised on open air TV, these stereotypes are kept alive through out the school years, and at any given university.
     These perceptions are alive because whites are scratching their head wondering how these absurdities continue and cannot counter these stereotypes with targeted arguments. Now you know. Stand up and say enough is enough. We have to identify and put on the table the obstacles preventing us from talking about real solutions and there are plenty of obstacles to clear before we can even get to the solutions. In the meantime, liberals are winning because in a way our privilege has kept us from seeing what is really going on.
Hope this helps. SemperFi bb  

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