PLEASE Read my dear Sister in #Christ 's Heartbreaking Story of #Rape & #Revenge RT/Donate #Christian

   PLEASE for the sake of all things good & righteous take 15 mikes of your time to read my dear sister in Christ's heartbreaking story:
     On my honor as a United States Marine & Christian, I believe w/all my heart this story is true as pertaining to the victim, my dear sister in Christ, Ms Susan Shannon & this heinous crime of rape she not only endured & struggled to put behind her for years but then, in the course of helping counsel other victims of sexual abuse is being sued by her rapist. This is a catastrophic story that is continuing to torment not only Ms Susan but her family as well. 
     If I have ever asked anything for anyone it is this type of grave injustice that I ask for your help in her name. Please read her story at the link below and donate any amount you can spare to aid her in fighting this unjust suit. 
     In doing so you will help her fight this & future criminals from continuing to harass victims. This is a precedent we cannot allow in the future. YOU can help end this now! 
     In His name, SemperFi bb   

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