For Sale: Collector's rifle, Original "Gun that won the West" Model 1873 Winchester

  • The Model 1873 was one of the most successful Winchester rifles of its day, gaining the reputation as "The Gun that Won the West". 
  • Little Big Horn.  Evidence at the Battle of Little Bighorn battlefield suggests that some Cheyenne, Lakota or Arapaho Indians had used the repeating Winchester Model 1873 rifle (among other repeating types) against General George Custer and his 7th Cavalry while Custer's men were still using the single shot Springfield Model 1873 .45.70 caliber carbine. While the Springfield enjoyed a greater range in which to fire, nothing beat the quick action firing possible in a repeating rifle. 
    • Original Model 1873 Winchester Rifle 32-20 WCF 
      • Model 1873 (Rifle) ­ 24" octagon barrel; straight grip stock; steel­capped crescent butt. 
      • Serial #361546F 
  • Operational Condition: fully functioning (it shoots & reloads). IMHO the bore has below average pitting considering age & use. 
  • You have to know your stuff to appreciate this antique collectable.  
  • I took these digital pictures of this rifle I own and will sell to the best offer. The below digital pictures were not downloaded or of any other rifle. 

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