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When civilized man can no longer endure the horrors of war & refuses to fight he will be killed or enslaved by those who can. #pjnet #ccot #tcot #USMC

Let we, the strong carry the extra burden of wars horror, against those who would have our freedom. Let the courageous continue to bleed humbly for the rational and irrational alike.

For one appreciates and mourns the blood that freedom demands whilst the immature bathe in that freedom oblivious to the sacrificial costs beyond their own schema.

We who are strong have the duty to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. So we will bear it and and we will die willingly for both the rationality of the patriot as well as for the  irrationality of the fool.

Then afterward, we the courageous, trust in the Holy Spirit, who surpasses all understanding, that He shall drive away demon's dead heretofore in our labored slumber and leave us with a clear conscious for the sake of our noble cause.

A life of hardship, death, mutilations and a tumultuous slumber traded to ensure the precious and peaceful sleep of our innocent children that they may exercise all the inalienable rights of a free people that evil desperately fought to deprive and the foolish desperately tried to hinder.

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