Ms Carey simply showed her ignorance of the #RuleOfLaw when she whined & cried for being busted for violating her schools dress code

This student wrote an epic response to being called out by a teacher for her within-regulation skirt

And yet another case of the supposedly great and accomplished student who is found publicly pouting over getting busted for violating her schools dress code.

The 1st rule she violated is one of timing. She would probably had a much more sympathetic public 'ear' were she to communicate her loathing of the dress code prior to being busted. For being the great student she is she failed to realize that the #RuleOfLaw & adherence to it is what puts the civil in civilized & civilization. OK Ms Carey now that you have our attention just where should we now redraw the dress code line? Where would you recommend we lower the bar now?

I ask because from my perspective you appear to be a maturing #feminist who is beginning her long & lucrative career on bashing women hating males than as a great student who evidently missed the class on living by example & promoting the characteristics & traits that can make a civil society better. Or is it you see my perspective on #feminism being the issue? According to you it seems that because your a female &  have to be kept in your 'place' you've just realized that your calling is to harass school teachers. Teachers that understand that to teach being a good citizen is by upholding & maintaining the regulations & codes your school district deems appropriate. This is your life's calling? To rail against the, 'man'? This evidently secret society feminists promote in order to form their own tight circles of reverse #sexism? It seems to be or at least thats what I inferred from your lil social rant. Let me be more specific.

I suspect you've become so enchanted with yourself for being student class president, junior marshal & a scholarship recipient, blah, blah, blah that you have somehow come to believe that you are the 'enlightened' one.  The one blessed by faith to explain to all of us un-civil citizens on exactly what the characteristics & traits are that make up being a good citizen. Perhaps. But because you had worn that skirt before & that the evil ones who have infiltrated our teaching corps somehow didnt have time to say anything before but because that day they finally had your number & called you out for what seemed to him as being out of regulation of the most hideous of dress code violations you actually came to realize these events lead you to the most important calling of your life! Your a feminist dad gum-it & it's all so clear to me now! I must stand against these egregious & sexist of regulations: The school districts female dress code!

Like I said, you had a lot better chance if you voiced this OUTRAGE prior to getting busted & evidently your in the right because you are this great model of scholarly attributes you NOW understand all the evil aimed at you is because there are men of a secret society who have dedicated themselves to keeping you in your place.  If he is this sexist math teacher you claim he is why did you wait until this to FINALLY point it out? No I think you were simply a mad pissed of brat who was getting even.

Yeah, good luck with that. Or you could simply admit that although the principal ruled in your favor you were still wrong & most rude for how you handled the incident from then on. You do owe the teacher in question an apology for singling him publicly them out & embarrassed her or him for maintaining those things that make us a civil society.  Trying to uphold standards is actually a characteristic of teachers we want in teachers. Im guessing here as well that you failed to recognize this point despite all your academic achievements. Meditate on what promoted really motivated you, this self-righteous brat to lash out before giving it much thought.  We already know, we just want to know if you actually get it....now.

Master Sergeant Benson, Marine Infantry, 27 years & leader of Marines.
I fought two wars for your right to make an ass out of yourself.

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