Take Our #America Back. Plan A (draft) #pjnet #ccot #tcot #teaparty

Short & sweet, down & dirty;

If the patriot citizens of America stand up next year & vote in a true conservative president & give him a 2/3s majority in both the house & senate we can fix the country in four short years.

Here's how for starters providing of course we stand our ground & allow zero concessions to the illegal amnesty crowd or any other part of the democratic PC ideologies.

1. Raise the number of Justices on the Supreme Court from 9 to 11.
     They must be true Alito, Thomas, Scalia, thorough bred conservatives.

2. Hold & affirm a Convention of States.  When the Supreme Court of five citizens can make up laws that are to be determined by, "We the People, then that court needs a reality check of the significant order.

3. The People through congress must reaffirm the principle of one nation under (Judeo/Christian) God & identify any violent, militant religions as non compatible thus illegal to migrate into US.

4. No Amnesty, but w/out mass deportations. Illegal immigrants are simply that and over time will apply for legal status or be deported upon discovery. No drivers licenses. No anchor babies. Any #illegal convicted of any crime will be deported and be permanently ineligible for citizenship. Any illegal having not applied for citizenship w/in 4 years will be deported upon discovery and will permanently be ineligible for citizenship.

5. A child born to illegals even w/in the boundaries of the US is not a citizen. All legal migrants accepted for citizenship will declare & pass assimilation evaluations, including speaking of the English language.

6.  The Supreme Court will nullify Obergefell v. Hodges by admitting that they overstepped their boundaries. SCOTUS cannot make up new law that is not specifically identified in the US Constitution. That is for the People to decide.

7. Root out judicial activism as illegal.

8. Stop racial discrimination by not discriminating based on race.  No quotas, no affirmative action based on sex or race & outlaw practices that are discriminatory. Feminism is sexist. Affirmative action is racist.

9.   Reign in Federal bureaucracy & size by eliminating: Dept of Education, then IRS, and all departments stationed in and physically located in States. These will be taken over, and reorganized by their new owners.  There will no longer be two separate states vs federal issues. The property & offices w/in a state belong to that state including judicial issues, save military installations.  A citizen cannot be tried in the state system found innocent then retried federally b/c some demographic or political party did not like the outcome.

10. Taxes. One combined state & federal flat tax for all citizens & legal immigrants working in the country @ 10%. If the Lord only asks up to 10% then the country has no right to ask any more.

11. All future spending will be regulated by budget. There will no longer be any non budgeted spending to include emergencies which of course will be budgeted. Most govt services will be outsourced to private contractors.

12. The Veterans Administration will be eliminated. Veterans will use local services & private doctors. All bills will be paid by the govt.

13. Education. States will determine the education parameters for their state. A parent who dislikes the school their child is in may enroll their child(ren) in any school they choose. Transportation will be the responsibility of family and pay any difference required by the 'new'school (e.g. between a public school voucher & any private institutional fees).

14. Welfare will no longer be based on 'per child'guidelines. A citizen will receive a finite amount of aid afterwards they will no longer be eligible.

15. Parents will decide each school year whether the will drive their child or allow the child to take a bus. The éither/or' option will no longer be available.

16. Women in combat. If the People vote to allow women in combat & that they will also be draft eligible. If draft eligible all have to pass current/traditional standards & evaluations w/out 'normalizing'or dumbing down.

17. Term Limits. Like the president no more than 8 years in either house or senate. If elected president the max anyone can serve is 16 years. Standard market set salaries & no outrageous special privileges. Set staff sizes. All govt employees will fly no better than business class unless the difference is paid out of personal earnings.

18.  All federal endowments will be stopped.  No arts, no abortion.

19.  All foreign aid stopped.

20.  The president cannot issue an executive order that contradicts any of the peoples views.

21. Political ideological violence upon the public will be considered most egregious & prosecuted accordingly. Organizing leaders of said violence will be given the strictest penalties upon conviction including loss of citizenship.

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Pamela Stein said...

Genius, I say! 😉

Pamela Stein said...

Genius, I say! 😉