The USMC!! A #Christian Marine Court-Martialed for a Bible Verse. Outrageous!! #pjnet #ccot #tcot

Court-Martialed for a Bible Verse | CitizenGO

This is despicable. The Marine Corps?! A young Lance Corporal was ordered to remove a ‪#‎Bible‬ verse from her desk then was court-martialed for insubordination when she questioned the orders legality (it wasnt legal). If the Corps is here the sister services are there already. Seriously outrageous!

This is #obama's #military. He cant possibly intend to want the military to fight & win wars. I believe now he intends for it to be an #amnesty pipeline or "Fast Track" #illegal #immigrants to voting citizens. Think about it: Military bases throughout the country, capable of housing, feeding, medical/dental & transporting to polling places courtesy of our fine embarkation system. Yes, the perfect vehicle to sign already primed socialist immigrants to vote #Democrat. 

Remember: w/respect to #obama it is about the vote, and nothing but the vote. The conservatives demolished obama last election. They have to replace 40 million aborted Democrats. They are doing this by inviting non-citizens from Mexico, Central & South America to join obama's #illegal #immigrant #amnesty voting operation.  

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