Since #obama brought up college costs...lets talk about that #pjnet #ccot #tcot #AnnCoulter

     "The sales pitch is manifestly false. According to an article by Adam Davidson in The New York Times magazine last June, 
"(m)ore than half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, meaning they make substandard wages in jobs that don't require a college degree." Evidently, most jobs don't depend on a degree in women's studies." Coulter
     I agree. So... where do those getting basket weaving degrees go to 'get work'? The government of course. There is a strange correlation between minority studies and government jobs growth. It's easy to verify. Do some rudimentary google searches and the answer will pimp slap you sober. What has any president done since LBJ to increase the job numbers when the economy get down? Exactly, they defuse economic job losses by increasing government jobs. And we wonder why federal bureaucracies are becoming more, and more, and more inefficient. When you give big boy jobs to unprepared the 'college educated' of (fill in the blank) liberal studies you get exactly what we have....big government that has the gall to tell us to shut up and sit down. 
     On a closely related issue. Let me ask you a question about affirmative action. Your son is seriously injured and needs immediate medical attention. You doctor is black. How do you know if he actually 'earned' his degree and will adequately care for your son or will he blow it miserably? Yeah, I know...hard call but are you willing to take that chance? This happened to me and my then youngest son Tyler. And yes it got ugly until the hospital found out my brother in law is a doctor. I then got the most senior and most experienced pediatric doctor in the hospital. How many equally deserving patients do not have a doctor in the family? Right again... few if any. 
     We deserve er'thing we get America. The quiet majority has tolerated all of this nonsense and look at the monster we have allowed to be created. 
     "But liberals won't make a peep about the College Industrial Complex because college professors are brainwashing students into leftist politics. Every year, another 10 million graduates emerge, hating God, their parents, America and Republicans. For this, parents are spending $50,000 a year." Coulter 
     "The education industry is how leftists make capitalists pay for socialism. It was a smart move for cultural Marxists to capture the country's education establishment. GOOD THINKING, CULTURAL MARXISTS! 
It's not the fault of the students that they're getting a crappy product at inflated prices. They've been lied to by shady education peddlers, including the Democratic Party. 
Let's see if the middle class is more interested in the cost of college tuition or the Democrats' endless global warming initiatives." Coulter  

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