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#CulturalAppropriation the new activists #fad.

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How to feel like your an activist by really not doing anything to begin with, oh like: If #BlackLivesMatter then it would seem enormously appropriate to save black lives...right? So one would be motivated to hear that the horrendously high crime rates of #BlackOnBlack violence would be up there to the top of the list. Nope...crickets...

What I do hear about is #CulturalAppropriation.  Alright. sign me up to the #Culturism club.  Read why this is an important part of the problem solution formula Culturism: Why African-Americans Must Stop Blaming Racism for Their Problems and Start Taking Full Responsibility.

No wait, read this first: What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm

then read, Scott Hampton's book Culturism.

This is good. See? We're making headway. Hold up...we're kinda stuck at the black violence thing.

I think this is appropriate to bring up the #BlackOnWhite violence rates. When you consider Total Population & violent crime numbers and know the proportional percentage of the black & white populations to the total then the REAL weight of violent crimes is quite clear & by a margin of 15 fold who is committing them.  I have heard some self aggrandizing 'activists' who were left stuttering when shown these numbers.  So, as it seems instead of talking about the highest priority issues we need to address to save lives we are now being told that #racism is ssoo institutionalized that the only way to seek justice is for blacks to commit violent crimes.

I remember the undergrad term I learned when I was taught to #CriticalThink. It was accompanied by a stern warning to not get caught in this trap as ones credibility would quickly be compromised & reputation fast lost. That term was #GroupThink and if viewed in terms of a contagion it has overwhelmed black Americans. Super sad really.

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