#Iranian leader tweets pic of Obama w/gun to head #ccot #pjnet #tcot

I as many #Americans are offended by a foreign terrorist regime intimating the death of the #American president regardless of any internal issues. That said I (we conservatives) can only say we told & are still telling you (#Democrats, #Liberals & people who think compassion is the overwhelming emotion that trumps a system of sustainable reason).

#obama et al, that is those I mentioned above plus the activists judges, bureaucratic pleaders & community organizers who act like that is a real thing, did this to themselves.  Let me break it down shotgun style:

#Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. Over time they have blindly, reflexivily chosen the opposing stance of traditional #America since, at least, WWII & thru the cold war. There are quite a few, but there are some key issues that have very real & dangerous consequences:

Traditional #America                                    Contemporary #Liberals 

America is a #Christian Nation                     -No it aint (blindly overlooking every traditional                                                                                     university building in the US IF the Liberals havent                                                                                 covered up or chisled out #Biblical verses & quotes                                                                                 from the #FoundingFathers.

Rule of Law (#RoL)                                     -Not, So our liberal elite think it ok to break the                                                                                       #immigration laws but want to tighten up #2A &                                                                                     #EPA (b/c of #CC [#climatechange])?                                                                                                     #SanctuaryCities believe it OK to follow #obama                                                                                     et al lead (break the law) yet allow the #IRS to choke                                                                               us w/a system designed to mislead & essentially                                                                                       make no sense.  But when Oklahoma follows                                                                                           obama's lead to not follow the RoL #liberal                                                                                             #athiests are stroking out er'day. Which is fine by                                                                                   me.

                                                                     -There are many more, if interested contact me.

Dont Support #Terror/#Terrorists               -Do; #Palestine, #al qaeda, #Hamas #IRAN,                                                                                            #Jordans terrorists executions. #Syria #Sunni's.                                                                                        #Radical #Islam (no one has heard or read obama                                                                                    ever saying).

                                                                     - Great relevant article:

Obama & Hillary Sued For Supporting Terrorists
The Egyptian People's Message For America: "Obama Supports Terrorism"

#Illegal #Immigration: Not                          -Does Support (I realize this falls also under RoL)
-We do not support #Illegal #Immigration. -obama et al does support. The porous border do not do we support #Legal Immigration. We also   evidently is not a national security issue as well. It
dont support illegals breaking our laws      doesnt take a genius to know it is an open door to rewarded w/#amnesty for criminal             #ISIS, & any other terrorists group who desire to use
conduct. We also realize the need to          it as an easy port of entry into the US.
revamp our national immigration policy
to close the 'anchor baby' loopholes.

Does it intrigue any that the very support for terrorists the Liberals publicly advertise are the very terrorists who are killing both Christian, Homosexual and any other non-muslim? The irony is better defined by using the word hypocrisy. Crazy world yall have made all in the name of politics, power &  control.

We should be ashamed and afraid. Well, at least 49% of us are.

Semper Fi bb

Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with gun to head

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