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I really admire Ms @Cynthiajquinn The #conservative #Paglia? I've read this article 3x's #ccot #pjnet #CSA #South

The South’s War Against a Generic America! : Cynthia's Opinion…

There's leisure reading and then there's academic reading. I have to read something at least three times to, 'know it,' to mentally dissect it and when I can outline it mentally I then begin to learn it. Then I go to it's family tree to learn it's history. What I really enjoy about Ms Cynthia is, as a good writer she seems to know what I need as her reader by combining all these elements into an enjoyable writing style that engages and connects to 'blue collar' and country folk like masef.

In the words of Steve Ms Cynthia please accept this simple yet sincere and heartfelt, "Thank you!"

Carry on the good fight, see you in the trenches.

Semper Fi bb

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