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[ ] Buried beneath some highly boring details about how the republic's resources were to be transferred to the federal government in Washington is language stipulating that "[n]ew States, of convenient size, not exceeding four in number, in addition to said State of Texas, and having sufficient population, may hereafter, by the consent of said State, be formed out of the territory thereof, which shall be entitled to admission under the provisions of the federal constitution."
Put plainly, Texas agreed to join the union in 1845 on the condition that it be allowed to split itself into as many as five separate states whenever it wanted to, and contingent only on the approval of its own state legislature. For more than 150 years, this right to divide—unilaterally, which is to say without the approval of the U.S. Congress— , Nov 14 2012, "How Texas Could Mess With Us" 
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Pax said...

WOW! Excellent! Texas' economy is strong enough and large enough to qualify for being its own country. We should never have joined the United States in the first place, it's been nothing but a headache. Now, with the FedGov's BLM trying to steal land from our ranchers, something must be done to stop the never-ending encroachment by the FedGov on the rights and liberties of our citizens and our state.