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Hillary Clinton's Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny | The Smoking Gun

Why, you ask? Primarily she used private email during her 4 years as Secretary of State...which is against the law because private email accounts are security risks and cannot be backed up into the State Department archives...which is against federal regulations. Benghazi happened during her tour which is a perfect example of the above. It was a security risk/leak as her civilian email account was hacked because she didnt use or have an official State department email there was no archival record of her 4 years there, to include Benghazi. The hack is bittersweet; we have some crucial evidence during the Benghazi sacrifice of American citizens and soldiers yet shows Clinton's hubris and arrogance. There was no one who had the balls to tell her to get her head out of her arse and get with the program. Yes, I know, much like obama. Both of which should be in jail. SF bb

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Anonymous said...

Key question is: Will she get away with it...again?