#SaudiArabia #executions now at 'unprecedented rate' after kingdom kills 4 in 2 days The Independent #pjnet #ccot #tcot

Saudi Arabia executions now at 'unprecedented rate' after kingdom kills four more in two days - Middle East - World - The Independent

During my time in SA it seemed to me that most of the executions were of immigrant workers from less developed nations. At least the public executions were. When I read this headline that thought returned to me. I understand my curiosity is anecdotally based and am not sure if SA would release or even that that keep accurate data on the matter.  "So," you say? I would recommend looking into the abuse patterns of domestic servants brought in as well. It is not unheard of to have imprisoned, and all manner of abuses upon imported help. Seems to me to be indicative of a what man is capable of when all the power is consolidated beyond the "people" OR simply they are a less evolved culture.

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