#Charlotte, #NC now: 1 in 7 residents foreign-born #pjnet #ccot #tcot

A new era needs a new approach | The Charlotte Observer The Charlotte Observer

The article is about Charlotte but the trend can be applied nation wide. Urban centers (cities) are traditionally impoverished minority magnets primarily because cities are able to provide a lot of social services to a lot of citizens. A lot of citizens receiving social services tend to vote for the politicians that promise to continue providing those services if not promising more services. You can see the cycle that develops. If you look around the country, the world even, you can see this in the simple fact that cities for the most part are governed by democrats / socialists. It is a worldwide trend.

You'll also notice that even in solid red regions/states the majority of cities offer an island of blue. Im guessing why gerrymandering has become such a big deal in the last few generations.

I'm curious on how this trend will playout in the now forming 'mega-cities': Bost-Wash, Fran-LA-Diego, SaoPaulo, Tokyo, etc.

Immigrants, including these becoming citizens in December, are transforming Charlotte.

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